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Your Vision | Our Creation

PATU MEDIA is a Māori inspired, Māori owned, Kaupapa driven boutique media agency specialising in creating brand awareness for your business by developing advertising, marketing and media buying strategies by producing content via Linear | Digital | Social | Radio and Print platforms with the ability to find the most effective solution that best suits your brand, to ​communicate your message, to your audience, in the most cost effective way possible. 
​​Your Vision | Our Creation

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Who Are We?

Meeting Your Needs

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Tēnā koutou katoa, Kō Pita Pirihi tōku ingoa and I'm the Director & Founder of PATU MEDIA. 

With my extensive experience starting out within the Film, Television and Radio game spanning 20+ years in multiple roles, acquiring a new skill set via the Digital and Social media space over the last 2.5 years at Māori Television, I am now able to implement what I've learned in the Advertising, Marketing and Sales Industries to assist you in meeting your needs and wants by taking your brand to the next level.


As well, this is my story behind my brand PATU MEDIA and how I intend on implementing what I've learned in my career. 


The word PATU represents two meanings from within Te Ao Māori for me.

One is of my Hapū (sub-tribe) 'Patuharakeke' or PATU for short which I represent with the utmost 'Te Whakaute' (Respect) and 'Whakahi' (Pride).

And secondly, the close combat weapon we as Māori refer to as a PATU, a weapon used by Māori to engage in hand to hand combat which resembles a short, sharp - smooth type club used for ‘Striking’ within close quarters.

The English translation of PATU is to ‘Strike with force and strategic precision’ and it is this 'Ara' (Path) that we here at PATU MEDIA intend on forging ahead within the media industry by being precise and calculated in our approach of your vision with our creation.

PATU MEDIA was only ever a dream never a goal for me, yet having gained invaluable knowledge over the years within the media industry from business mentors from within the industry learning how to implement a brand strategy from scratch, then create an advertising campaign using various platforms, developing client relationships and new business acquisition from a variety of industries, I decided to forge my own a 'Ara' (Path) so to speak in what I've learned over the years and to just ..... Go for it and give it a jam!

And here we are today ..... 

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What We Do?

To Engage

We at PATU MEDIA offer a wide range of professional media services. We'll work together to create a 'Kaupapa' (Campaign | Initiative) that best suits your needs. I'll work closely with you to create advertising & marketing strategies that best suits your brand, as per your vision and my creation and garner the 'BEST' price available that the market has to offer due to my own personal relationships with the people I regard as 'Whanau' (Family). 
I'll do my very best to assist you to get your business where you envision it to be and create and implement a cost effective strategy.

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Brand Strategy

Brand Awareness

Our brand specialists will assist your company in creating brand equity by creating positive, innovative and engaging branding for your audience to consume. 

TV Screens

Advertising | Marketing | Media Buying

Promote, Promote, Promote

Looking for an Advertising & Marketing campaign to be created? Via Linear | Digital | Social | Radio or Print platforms? Do you want your budget to stretch as far as the eye can see? If that's an emphatic 'HELL TO THE YEAH', then I’ve got you sorted! We will boost your business to go to that 'Next Level'. I will learn about your business first and foremost, then from there I will personalise, create and design a campaign that best suits your brand.

Video Recording

Production Of Content

Content Is Key

We'll create relevant campaigns, stylish 'mahi' (work) and with us working together we'll come up with a unified strategy and look to maximize your return on investment.

Implementing innovative methods to create digital content for our clients, you will always be apart of the process.



We offer a professional production service employing industry pro's with over 30 years of experience that includes: Animation | Web Design | Print | Video | Music | Film | Linear (TV) Commercials | Photography and Illustration.



'Print what we've already sketched and email it to my crews at NZME & Fairfax so they can cut and paste it together and Waa-Laa! Magic! Well that's the idea anyway!'


Video | Film

'Get my boy JC  & Oz to do their thing to film and shoot some cool footage stuff, edit it together and see what happens!'



'Get a number of hella talented well known NZ musical legends I've come to know over the years and whom I regard as friends first in the NZ Music scene to lay some vocals over a track we actually don't have rights to! But there's ways around that because I worked in radio for a few years and I know some tricks!'  


'Get my Campaign Manager to weave her magic and undercut her connections in Production and get us the mean deals to film a masterpiece of 30secs for you'.  


Photography & Illustration

'Get my Photographer & Graff Designer to do their thing again ..... Twice! 2 for 1 maybe? Nah jokes, we've got kids to feed and I've got people to pay and a relationship to save'.



Know your Audience

We will source targeted audience information from industry organizations that will provide us up to date research and assist us in understanding your audiences thoughts, buying patterns, attitudes and perceptions of your brand'Meaning I'll just call up my mate at AC Nielsen and call in a few favours, then bribe her to find out if people like your business and why? Simple really!'

Business Team


Create & Conquer

Learning about who you are and what your business is and the history of why your business is so successful is key for us here at PATU MEDIA. The relationship, care and rapport we have with our clients is paramount in mind anyway, so extracting the correct information to implement a creative that will get results.'Meaning we will become your mate real quick, then figure out what you like, dislike and how you do things, and treat you how you should be treated really, just like one of the 'whānau' (family) so yeah, makes sense right?' 

Crowd Gathering

Audience Demographic

Audience Engagement

Identify targeted audience demographics specifically for our clients needs via a perspective from industry advisors that have brand awareness, marketing and communications experience and expertise. 'Orrr we will just zone in on certain peeps and get a whole bunch of them to like your stuff and hopefully get them to refer it, love it, engage in it and then fingers crossed, buy it'.



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